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Exploring ‘The Heights’: A Fresh Perspective on the Newly Opened Food Hall

The Heights Food Hall, situated at Wisconsin Place in Chevy Chase, officially debuted on Monday, December 11th, but recently commemorated its grand opening in style. Local connoisseur, Mr. MoCo, ventured inside to explore the diverse offerings of this new culinary destination.

Nestled within the space formerly occupied by Anthropologie and PF Chang’s on the 5400 block of Wisconsin Ave, The Heights boasts both indoor and outdoor patio dining, welcoming guests seven days a week from 11 am until midnight. The hall features a full-service restaurant, Urbano, along with a full-service bar, The Heights Bar, and a speakeasy known as The Turncoat. Additionally, eight local food stalls grace its premises, handpicked from Urbano’s “Stall Wars” competition. Let’s delve into what each stall has to offer:

  1. Saoco Cuban Eats: Helmed by Dario Arana-Rojas, Saoco Cuban Eats embodies a dedication to hospitality and a rich culinary heritage. Drawing from his Colombian roots and inspired by his grandmother’s cooking, Dario brings forth authentic Miami-style Cuban cuisine, a winner of the Stall Wars competition.
  2. Turncoat: A clandestine speakeasy paying homage to the prohibition era, Turncoat promises an experience steeped in mystery and sophistication. With secret entrances and a curated selection of cocktails and cuisine, guests are transported back to the Roaring Twenties.
  3. DC Dosa: Chef Priya Ammu showcases her immensely popular and naturally vegan Indian street food, drawing inspiration from her Bombay upbringing. Her innovative approach to dosas reflects her passion for blending flavors and spices, offering a taste of authentic Indian cuisine.
  4. Supreme BBQ: Juan and Jeremy Canlas present locally acclaimed Texas-inspired barbecue at Supreme BBQ. Their commitment to quality and flavor shines through their menu, making them a favorite among barbecue enthusiasts.
  5. Mimi’s Handmade: Rollin Amore’s Mimi’s Handmade Ice Cream offers soft serve and cookies made in-store with locally sourced ingredients. With flavors inspired by his extensive travels and a dedication to craftsmanship, Mimi’s Handmade promises a delightful indulgence.
  6. Doki Doki Sushi: Co-founded by James Beard nominated Chef Kevin Tien and Judy Beltrano, Doki Doki Sushi offers a unique sushi concept, featuring a diverse range of maki, crudo, and sashimi. Each dish is meticulously prepared, showcasing the culinary artistry of the chefs.
  7. This Deli of Ours: Indulge in a contemporary interpretation of the timeless deli experience, where meticulously crafted artisanal sandwiches and hot chicken delights take center stage. This Deli of Ours promises a gastronomic journey that celebrates the artistry of flavor.
  8. Sky Lantern: Sky Lantern tells the story of Thai food with a modern conceptual twist. Rooted in traditional Thai flavor yet adapted for the modern palate, Sky Lantern incorporates familiar ingredients with innovative techniques to create a culinary experience like no other.

With its diverse array of culinary offerings, The Heights Food Hall invites guests to embark on a culinary adventure, celebrating the rich tapestry of flavors from around the world.

Featured image shows Food/Drinks from Saoco Cuban Eats

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