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New Arrival: Pizza Monkey Brings Detroit-Style Pies to Rockville

Pizza Monkey, a fresh addition to Rockville’s culinary scene, has set up shop within the Washington Rockville Elks Lodge #15 at 5 Taft Ct. Owner Jason Hubbarth, fondly known as “monkey boy” since his younger days, has been perfecting the art of Detroit-style pizzas for over a decade, initially captivating the palates of friends and family. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Buddy’s Pizza, credited as the progenitor of Detroit-style pies, Hubbarth is now extending his passion to a broader audience.

Operating every Friday from 6 PM until supplies last, Pizza Monkey offers both dine-in and carryout options, inviting patrons to savor the distinctive flavors of Detroit-style pizza. Delivery services through third-party apps are in the pipeline, scheduled to debut in the upcoming weeks. Take a peek at the tantalizing menu below:

Featured images courtesy of Pizza Monkey

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